Well today we had our “technique” cycle session. A session focused slightly more on the how, why, what to do rather than just cycling.  I took on-board the many tips, hints and tricks from the day. 

The “stinker” part of the day consisted of a section about a mile long to climb with an average gradient of about 11.5% and sections of 18%. The surface was good so traction wasn’t an issue… but strength to keep going was lacking. At one point I figured that if I had to continue to the top because if I stopped I wouldn’t be able to unclip and would hence fall over… So I pushed on and on and on some more.  I must admit that I would rather take time-trial hill (from day one) ANYDAY over this horrible section.  Of course, if you are wanting to do cycling in the Alps or other such mountainous regions, then this would be a reasonable starting point…

Even though I would not like to do that hill again, I certainly got a sense of achievement after completing it!

Well today was meant to consist of a 90km cycle.. but alas the route we took only resulted in 81.9km.  Sigh. It did consist of 1500m climbing so it wasn’t too shabby a ride. I recon it can count as a 90km cycle on flatter terrain 🙂  OK, so we did stop for lunch along the way too.. but a great ride!!

There was a particularly nasty 18% section that went on for ages (well actually was probably no much more than 20-40m long).  The road surface was horrid and gritty so we were struggling for grip.  But boy- did that feel tough after 10km of climbing…

Of course, with so much climbing there comes a fair amount of descending too… weeeeeeeeeeeee as you race down the curving roads that are almost free of traffic and that are in superb condition!

Well today started with a pool session of around 90 minutes.  Felt much better in the water today… maybe I’m not such a lead weight after all… Lots of drills and some straight swimming.

We managed an enjoyable short afternoon ride of around 22km.  The last hill coming back up to the hotel (not very long but a fair old gradient) is not fun…

 Day 4 – well the weather turned rotten so we cancelled the swim in the Med. We cancelled our ride – oh and we had hail…  We had a lazy day except for a 80 minute swim session in the pool.

Well today the thighs were still feeling the abuse from the day before. We headed off on a two hour ride which turned into about 2.5 hours. We covered around 45km or so. Again, a computer issue didn’t record the results for a significant part of the ride. All I know is that the top speed I saw on the display was 60.4km/h going down a nice long gentle hill on a straight. WOW. what a rush 😀  There were some nasty hills including one which the coach got me to cycle twice…

We finished the ride with a flurry and then did a quick T2 and I headed off for a 20 minute run.  Lead legs is a suitable term! After about 10-15mins the legs were feeling more like running and I was getting into the feel of things but had to stop as it was only a 20min run.

The afternoon consisted of lunch and a 2hour nap.  We’re told that the pros do this on many days so it’s gotta be a good thing 🙂

Well today was the first day of the weeklong training camp at Girona Cycling.  What a day! It started off with a pool session in the morning at around 0930.  The pool I normally swim in is much shorter than I thought. Not good for the training I’ve been doing. Secondly, I am seriously in need to time in the pool. Thank goodness for more drills starting soon!

 After the swimming we went for about a 3 hour cycle. We covered around 65km. No exact figures as my Polar decided to stop along the way.  It did record the ascent up “timetrial hill”, a 10.4km (according to my cycle computer) climb up 380m (again, according to the cycle computer). I managed it in 35 mins.  The hill in question was allegedly used by Lance Armstrong during some of his training rides and would apparently do it in around 20 minutes.

The afternoon consisted of lunch an a nap – a great way to spend afternoons!

Well… it’s been a while since my last post!  In short, I took much of January off from serious training with only a couple of sessions.  Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been back into things.  I’ve been putting in a good deal of time on the bike on a set of rollers.  I’m managing to get aero on the rollers now, albeit slightly wobbly.

After considering some of the courses for the year (Austria and possibly Monaco…) I’ve decided to get my chainset changed out to a compact (going from 54/42 to 50/34). This will help with hills but will reduce the maximum speed for a given cadence. Not a bad trade off.  So the bike will now have compact chainset of 50/34 with a cassette with 12-23T. Oh, the compact I’ve decided on is the Shimano Ultegra SL compact.

Back to training… well no running outdoors and only a little on the treadmill. Cycling has been pretty much only on the bike on the rollers. Swimming- well not much as the last few times I’ve been to the pool for a swim its been closed. Sigh.  Defo time to think about a new gym/pool.

Well I’ve managed to get some training in for the first time in a while! Woo hoo!!

I did a 1h10 run on Saturday evening. Did a bit around Canary Wharf and then headed to Tower Bridge and back.  Was good to get out but not too much fun watching all the people at bars and pubs having Christmas time type fun!

Today I did a 40 minute swim session. It was good to be back in the pool but I have realised how much more swimming I need to do in the next few months.  After the swim I did a 50 minute session on the cycling machine at around 80% MHR. A bit boring as the gym was quiet but a very necessary training session none-the-less!

Hurray for Christmas tomorrow!!

Well the last few days have been very quiet on the training front, which is not good for the training regime!  I managed to get out for a 55 minute run last night (roughly 10.5km I think) and boy it felt good! Whats quiet interesting is that I must have sweat about 900g (about 900ml) of fluid during the run. Quiet scary given how chilly it was in the evening. Anyway, lots of water there after and during today and I should be back on the hydration road.

It was an eye opener and I will definitely try to drink more water each day!

Well my quads are feeling much better than a couple of days ago. Still not 100% back to normal though. Managed a 40 min swim session yesterday. Not feeling confident for the swim. Progress seems slow and form seems to be slipping.  More drills are needed.

This evening I did a 1h15 100+ rpm cycling machine session. I think it was roughly Z1 (65-75% MHR) but I had forgotten my HRM again. Sigh. I need to write those lists of things to take with me.

Anyway hopefully will get my training hours up this week!

Well the last two weeks have been fairly quiet on the training front.  Have just been missing the motivation and dedication. Maybe a tad tired?

Anyway, here are the sessions. 25th Nov- swim training, 28th 30min swim, 45 min cycling machine and 45 min treadmill. 29th 45 min swim, 1 hour Z1 on cycling machine. 30th 35 min run before work.

3 Dec, last of 8 swim lessons. 6 Dec 30 min swim with 45 min cycling machine, 10 min elliptical and 5 min on treadmill.

As I said, two weeks of relatively little training 🙁