Well I did some simple statistics pulling from WKO+ for the past seasons. I based a season from December through to end November of the following year.

date from     01/12/2013  01/12/2012  01/12/2011  01/12/2010  01/12/2009  01/12/2008
date to       30/11/2014  30/11/2013  30/11/2012  30/11/2011  30/11/2010  30/11/2009
run duration    10h28:49    82h47:42    36h12:51    45h47:02    82h01:12    65h07:36
run distance    97.262km   791.043km   393.312km   527.126km   957.505km   727.656km
bike duration    3h24:45    98h59:24    29h32:41    15h28:04   115h46:42   158h04:18
bike distance   78.673km  2575.131km   729.369km   260.632km  2409.497km  4337.618km
swim duration     0h0:00    10h52:00     5h20:00     6h04:00    30h26:00    36h58:00
swim distance    0.000km    32.181km     15.05km     18.45km    94.031km   104.613km

(Note: The run stats for the 2011/2012 season  are low as I lost stats for the first 4 months of the year)

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