Well today was meant to consist of a 90km cycle.. but alas the route we took only resulted in 81.9km.  Sigh. It did consist of 1500m climbing so it wasn’t too shabby a ride. I recon it can count as a 90km cycle on flatter terrain 🙂  OK, so we did stop for lunch along the way too.. but a great ride!!

There was a particularly nasty 18% section that went on for ages (well actually was probably no much more than 20-40m long).  The road surface was horrid and gritty so we were struggling for grip.  But boy- did that feel tough after 10km of climbing…

Of course, with so much climbing there comes a fair amount of descending too… weeeeeeeeeeeee as you race down the curving roads that are almost free of traffic and that are in superb condition!

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