Well today was the first day of the weeklong training camp at Girona Cycling.  What a day! It started off with a pool session in the morning at around 0930.  The pool I normally swim in is much shorter than I thought. Not good for the training I’ve been doing. Secondly, I am seriously in need to time in the pool. Thank goodness for more drills starting soon!

 After the swimming we went for about a 3 hour cycle. We covered around 65km. No exact figures as my Polar decided to stop along the way.  It did record the ascent up “timetrial hill”, a 10.4km (according to my cycle computer) climb up 380m (again, according to the cycle computer). I managed it in 35 mins.  The hill in question was allegedly used by Lance Armstrong during some of his training rides and would apparently do it in around 20 minutes.

The afternoon consisted of lunch an a nap – a great way to spend afternoons!

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