Well today the thighs were still feeling the abuse from the day before. We headed off on a two hour ride which turned into about 2.5 hours. We covered around 45km or so. Again, a computer issue didn’t record the results for a significant part of the ride. All I know is that the top speed I saw on the display was 60.4km/h going down a nice long gentle hill on a straight. WOW. what a rush 😀  There were some nasty hills including one which the coach got me to cycle twice…

We finished the ride with a flurry and then did a quick T2 and I headed off for a 20 minute run.  Lead legs is a suitable term! After about 10-15mins the legs were feeling more like running and I was getting into the feel of things but had to stop as it was only a 20min run.

The afternoon consisted of lunch and a 2hour nap.  We’re told that the pros do this on many days so it’s gotta be a good thing 🙂

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