Well today we had our “technique” cycle session. A session focused slightly more on the how, why, what to do rather than just cycling.  I took on-board the many tips, hints and tricks from the day. 

The “stinker” part of the day consisted of a section about a mile long to climb with an average gradient of about 11.5% and sections of 18%. The surface was good so traction wasn’t an issue… but strength to keep going was lacking. At one point I figured that if I had to continue to the top because if I stopped I wouldn’t be able to unclip and would hence fall over… So I pushed on and on and on some more.  I must admit that I would rather take time-trial hill (from day one) ANYDAY over this horrible section.  Of course, if you are wanting to do cycling in the Alps or other such mountainous regions, then this would be a reasonable starting point…

Even though I would not like to do that hill again, I certainly got a sense of achievement after completing it!

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