Well today I had a 30 minute swim time trial planned. For those who don’t know, you basically swim as far and fast as you can for 30 minutes and record how far you swum to work out your “threshold pace” for swimming. This allows you to estimate race times and more importantly set relevant training objectives (ie: doing repeats of a few training lengths at a pace faster than threshold).

Well it started off well and I got 21 minutes in to be told “its time for the women only session now so please leave”. Sigh. So no full result.

I did record 1050m in 22:26.8 though which gives an average pace of 2:08.3/100m or a speed of 46.77m/min. Not a great pace (or competitive) but slightly slower than I was doing at the end of last season. That means there is room for improvement!

I will have to get this session rescheduled in the next few days.

Well the training has started again. I have to confess I did enjoy the two months of no training. I also have to confess that I am battling to get motivated again.

My sessions so far:

  • Tue 04/11 (56RHR) AM: 20 minute treadmill and 30 mins weights
  • Wed 05/11 PM: 40 minute swim session (1200m but more like 960m, due to kids lessons)
  • Fri 07/11 (58RHR) AM: 45 minute indoor bike (Thur’s session)
  • Sat 08/11: SKIPPED – 1hr swim
  • Sun 09/11: 1 hour indoor bike with 25 minute run
  • Mon 10/11: SKIPPED – 1 hour swim
  • Tue 11/11 (53RHR) AM: 10 minute treadmill and 30 mins weights

So I have skipped two swim sessions. The swim session I completed on Wed was tough. I can tell my technique has deteriorated and I don’t have correct timing of glide-pull/breath-recover.

My first weights session was, well, tough. I ended up cutting it a bit short as I was knackered. I think I hit back too hard! I ached for a good few days following the session.

Well the last two weeks have been fairly quiet on the training front.  Have just been missing the motivation and dedication. Maybe a tad tired?

Anyway, here are the sessions. 25th Nov- swim training, 28th 30min swim, 45 min cycling machine and 45 min treadmill. 29th 45 min swim, 1 hour Z1 on cycling machine. 30th 35 min run before work.

3 Dec, last of 8 swim lessons. 6 Dec 30 min swim with 45 min cycling machine, 10 min elliptical and 5 min on treadmill.

As I said, two weeks of relatively little training ūüôĀ

Well this week, like last week, has been far too light in terms of training. Mostly this was due to work having a mega-crisis that I got dragged into and also a friend’s birthday which resulted in a trip to the pub ruling out training for the day…

¬†Monday was the swim lesson. Slow progress is being made. Not sure how to best progress my lack of swimming expertise. Thursday afternoon included a short swim session, but I just didn’t feel in the groove – and the pool was full of people mucking around irritating me ūüôā¬† I did manage to¬†fit in¬†a hour’s¬†run in the evening after work.¬† It was chilly in the evening and I ran with a long sleeve top on.¬† I might need to start running with something more than just shorts on my legs.¬†My legs¬†were cold and I had twinges in my calves and achiles (both of which I don’t normally experience) that I suspect could be due to the cold… anyone know if this might be the case?

Today I managed a 15 or so minute swim session and a 1h45 session on the cycle machine. Swim was cut short to get the full cycle session in before the gym closed.  Tomorrow I will, hopefully, manage to do a swim and weights session in the morning and then an hour or so run in the afternoon.

¬†I’ve been thinking of ways to avoid “life” delaying training sessions and I figure that swim/gym/running sessions before work is the answer. Of course that means getting up and out in the cold winter mornings… well the do say “no pain no gain”… wish me luck!

Well last night was my first swimming lesson. It was good to be¬†start with¬†the basics of the kick and arm movement.¬† Learnt a few things which is promising.¬† Tried some of the exercises today at the gym’s pool – not only are they¬†more difficult¬†than I remember but I found them quite tiring.¬† I just couldn’t seem to get into the right position.

Last night I noticed one thing- I must try to rememer to breath when doing the drills. I kept running out of air as I kept forgetting to breath. Sigh!

Well bad news today is that I seem to be coming down with a cold… so not sure Sunday is a good idea.¬† May have to pull out at the last minute which will be a shame! So I think a light easy week and lots of sleep is needed for me to have half a chance of running on Sunday.

Just found out that my training today is postponed.  I am meeting up with a friend, a fellow triathlete (and Ironman!!), after work for a bite to eat.  My training can wait until tomorrow! 

I know, I know! Its a bad trend to get into… but maybe an extra day off is just what my body needs!

edit: Having chatted last night it seems that Monaco 70.3 is actually very tough due to the hills on the cycle and run sections. Still, its probably the one to aim for, even though I am optimistically looking ahead to Austria 70.3… the swim, oh the swim sounds scary- I defo need more swim training!