Well this week, like last week, has been far too light in terms of training. Mostly this was due to work having a mega-crisis that I got dragged into and also a friend’s birthday which resulted in a trip to the pub ruling out training for the day…

¬†Monday was the swim lesson. Slow progress is being made. Not sure how to best progress my lack of swimming expertise. Thursday afternoon included a short swim session, but I just didn’t feel in the groove – and the pool was full of people mucking around irritating me ūüôā¬† I did manage to¬†fit in¬†a hour’s¬†run in the evening after work.¬† It was chilly in the evening and I ran with a long sleeve top on.¬† I might need to start running with something more than just shorts on my legs.¬†My legs¬†were cold and I had twinges in my calves and achiles (both of which I don’t normally experience) that I suspect could be due to the cold… anyone know if this might be the case?

Today I managed a 15 or so minute swim session and a 1h45 session on the cycle machine. Swim was cut short to get the full cycle session in before the gym closed.  Tomorrow I will, hopefully, manage to do a swim and weights session in the morning and then an hour or so run in the afternoon.

¬†I’ve been thinking of ways to avoid “life” delaying training sessions and I figure that swim/gym/running sessions before work is the answer. Of course that means getting up and out in the cold winter mornings… well the do say “no pain no gain”… wish me luck!

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