Well the training has started again. I have to confess I did enjoy the two months of no training. I also have to confess that I am battling to get motivated again.

My sessions so far:

  • Tue 04/11 (56RHR) AM: 20 minute treadmill and 30 mins weights
  • Wed 05/11 PM: 40 minute swim session (1200m but more like 960m, due to kids lessons)
  • Fri 07/11 (58RHR) AM: 45 minute indoor bike (Thur’s session)
  • Sat 08/11: SKIPPED – 1hr swim
  • Sun 09/11: 1 hour indoor bike with 25 minute run
  • Mon 10/11: SKIPPED – 1 hour swim
  • Tue 11/11 (53RHR) AM: 10 minute treadmill and 30 mins weights

So I have skipped two swim sessions. The swim session I completed on Wed was tough. I can tell my technique has deteriorated and I don’t have correct timing of glide-pull/breath-recover.

My first weights session was, well, tough. I ended up cutting it a bit short as I was knackered. I think I hit back too hard! I ached for a good few days following the session.

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