Well today I had a 30 minute swim time trial planned. For those who don’t know, you basically swim as far and fast as you can for 30 minutes and record how far you swum to work out your “threshold pace” for swimming. This allows you to estimate race times and more importantly set relevant training objectives (ie: doing repeats of a few training lengths at a pace faster than threshold).

Well it started off well and I got 21 minutes in to be told “its time for the women only session now so please leave”. Sigh. So no full result.

I did record 1050m in 22:26.8 though which gives an average pace of 2:08.3/100m or a speed of 46.77m/min. Not a great pace (or competitive) but slightly slower than I was doing at the end of last season. That means there is room for improvement!

I will have to get this session rescheduled in the next few days.

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