Well tonight is my first swimming lesson.  Hopefully the lessons will get me gliding through the water like a fish!  It has dawned on me that the cycling and running distances in the triathlons are actually not that scary and, with a bit more endurance training, definitely attainable. However, the swimming leg is very very far from attainable right now.  I can see many pool sessions, lessons and mouthfuls of water to come before I can confidently try for a tri.

Yesterday was a double bill, as they say.  I didn’t feel up to running on Saturday so postponed the run till Sunday.  Sunday ended up being a 36km cycle followed closely (within 5 mins) by a 10km run. So a good brick session after all.

I’m trying to get the calibration of my shoe pod more accurate at the moment.  I think its been over measuring by about 3-5% so have altered the calibration by about 3% down. I did a number of sections on the run and then measured them on GMAP Pedometer. The first one was right on the money and the subsequent ones slightly out, but over all the distance was under-measured which is better that over-measured.  I may trim it down another 1% just to be sure 🙂

A friend from work has laid down the proverbial gauntlet, with a time of 1:46 in a half-marathon form yesterday.  Palma looks like a flat enough course so a good time should be possible (depending on good running weather)- although the last 10km are zigzagging through the town which will probably slow things down somewhat.

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