Well this morning I got up and headed to the gym.  I was in the pool by 0815 for a 30 mins swim session at the Brit… yeah yeah, not much swimming, but its the best I can manage 🙂

After the swim was a 30 min cycle at 100+ rpm with a HR at around 65-70% of max. There was no music playing the in gym so was quite a boring session really.  After that I did a quick 10 min session on the elliptical machine, again around 70% of max HR.  I ended the session with a 5 min effort on the rowing machine at 80-85% max hr.

Glad I managed to get up and do the session before work.  Certainly nice not to have a after-work session looming. I need to decide if perhaps doing the full session before work is a good idea.

This weekend should be a about a 90min ride and an hour run.

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