Well today was the last day in Girona… We started off with a very brief swim in the lake… the water must have literally been around 4 degrees. The air temperature was 7 and it felt warm compared to the water temperature.  Thank goodness for the wetsuit and neopreen hat. The swim didnt last that long but a couple of swims to a bouy and back were enough for us to get out and hit warm showers.  We did get some puzzled looks and some “are you insane” looks from the rowers….

We then did a 70km cycle including a total of 800m climbing and then did a prompt T2 followed by a 28min run. 28 minute run I hear you asking… well yes, I just added a bit on to the planned 20 minutes as I was feeling pretty good on the run so made the most of it!

Got back to the UK to be greeted with rainy weather… great!

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