Well the lunchtime swim didn’t happen… sometimes work just gets in the way of a good day ūüėČ

¬†After work, ended up in the pool for about 30 minutes.¬† Didn’t feel as tired after swimming as I have done in the past; I figure this means I am getting more “swimming fit”. I must admit I didn’t feel like I had good technique today which is worrying- bring on the swimming course next week!

After the pool session I did 30 mins on the stationary bike (cadence of around 90 and HR roughly 75%-80% of max) and then 15 mins on the treadmill – again HR around 78% max.¬† Knees were twinging a bit which doesn’t bode well for the upcoming¬†half marathon…¬† off to put some ice on the knees and take a bit of rest.

Tomorrow holds a “spinning session” – 65-75% MHR with cadence above 100… and another swim.¬† I’m trying to keep to the “base” phase of training from the book “Iron Fit” at the moment. The running sessions are way down on what I was doing a few weeks back, but I figure that’s not a bad thing given 1) I’ve got some aches while running 2) I need to get both¬†my swimming stamina and skills up to scratch pronto!

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