I recently had the need to update the firmware on an HP  LSI22320-HP U320 SCSI card. The HP firmware was resulting in Domain Validation (a SCSI technique to determine appropriate/supported SCSI speed for each SCSI device) errors. I wanted a more up to date version. I turned to the Broadcom LSI22320SE driver site and found an updated firmware download, in a file named Fusion-MPT_IT_FW10334_BIOS_50703pt_FLASH_10304.zip.

I created a USB boot disk with FreeDOS using Rufus (a great tool I only just found). I copied the relevant files (dos4gw.exe, flsh1030.exe, mptps.rom and it_1030.fw) to the USB stick. I booted up and tried to update. I managed to apply the firmware (it_1030.fw) but not the BIOS (mptps.rom). The error displayed was:

 Error: Attempting to download a generic BIOS image to
 a adapter meant for a customer specific BIOS image!

As this is an HP card I was a little disappointed but not surprised. Looking at the help output from “flsh1030.exe -?” I saw no obvious way to override this. Many Google searches later I came across a post on a Russian forum in Google’s cache that gave the hint I needed – the undocumented “-g” flag. Rerunning the following command overwrote the firmware on the card.

flsh1030 -a -g -b mptps.rom

The new flash gave a new set of menus. More importantly the domain validation errors preventing the drives from working were gone.

I recently encountered a problem while upgrading the iLO2 firmware on a HP DL360G5 server. It seems if you reopen the remote console window while remotely updating the iLO2 firmware you can corrupt the firmware upgrade process. Hmm. This caught me out. When I rebooted my server it sat there not beeping or doing anything for a couple of minutes. I thought I had toasted it. I started attempting ROM recovery process (flipping dip switches on the motherboard btw) but this didn’t help. Removing the RAM caused the server to beep so it was obviously not totally dead. During one of my “boot- nothing-google-retry” cycles I left the server running. After about 10 minutes the server beeped and continued booting up – BUT the POST results showed no iLO2. So I figured it was a iLO firmware problem (which until then I had thought it was a ROM problem) which changed my google terms. I eventually found HP document c01850906.

The document outlines a process for recovering from a corrupt iLO2 firmware update.

The document describes it better but the steps are pretty much the following:

Boot off maintenance CD (have patience, the boot might take 10 or so minutes)

run firmware update
ctl-alt dbx

alt-ctrl-1  enter
cd /mnt/bootdevice/compaq/swpackages
rmmod hpilo
rmmon ilo
sh CP012108.scexe –direct

Message about firmware 1.81 and programming flash


The full process is at:


Document c01850906