Well, some of you astute followers of mine noticed that there was some unusual behaviour of the blog earlier today. This was due to the blog software being upgraded and migrated to a new server. It seems that the WordPress export/import feature doesn’t work quite as well as one would hope, particularly in relation to images and other uploaded media.

All issues should be resolved now and the blog should be working as expected.


So, I was looking over my past events last night and noticed something that I had forgotten. I noticed that I had less than one month between my first ever triathlon and my first half-Ironman race. WOW. That was pretty gutsy for me. I look back now and am not sure I would recommend such behaviour. It does however, make me think about just what is possible when one puts their mind to something.Maybe that Ironman race next year isn’t so bad afterall.

I did a “sortof” triathlon in training yesterday. Did a 1600m swim set, a 15mile bike ride and a 2mile run. Transistions were pretty slow (ok, a trip to buy groceries between the swim and bike) however. The 15 mile loop may become a time-trial course of sorts for me over the coming months. It’s got some decent stretches for TT aero-bar position and has a short-sharp hill at about 10miles. I look forward to reducing the time to complete the loop 🙂

  • @FirstCC sort out your car parks. It's a farce,machines not working, staff not informed. Parking bloke says its free today, we at SAC anyway #
  • @julianskeels @FirstCC attendant told me to park anyway…. #
  • Sad sad times! RT @HertsCommuters: #FirstCC No more NCP, no more RingGo. #
  • @FirstCC thanks, apology is just not good enough. Missed two trains due to this, now late for a client meeting. Refund my lost pay? #
  • @FirstCC hope you have a good day too. Hope mine improves after this bad start…. 🙂 #
  • Not a good week so far… Train diverted away from lbg yesterday morn, massive delays last night and now stuck at farringdon. Ahh @FirstCC ! #
  • @FirstCC thanks. Please let us know if it is to be a long delay… IE is it worth trying to tube and bus…? #
  • Yay! On the move again on @FirstCC – not that bad assuming we keep going and don't need to stop again. #
  • So two days in a row I get to walk in the rain to lbg. Thanks @FirstCC #
  • @FirstCC indeed. So now wet and have to work late and now miss 1616 from lbg so fight with northern line tube once more. Need coffee! 🙂 #
  • @FirstCC thanks. Hope your day doesn't get any worse. #