A quick note to summarise some info from my threshold run which I completed on 2008/06/20. I did a 10 minute warm-up before and a 10 minute warm-down after the actual 40 minute run.

I completed 8.86km in the 40 minutes. Average pace of 4:30/km or 13.3km/hr. Average heart rate of 196 with a max of 201. 

At this pace I would have a 10km time of 45 minutes or a 5km time of 22:30. Interesting since at the club relays I ran 5.05km in 22:35 is which marginally faster (4:28/km as opposed to 4:30/km). However at the club relays the average HR was 188 with a max of 199.

Not sure what the lower HR (compared with threshold run) was a result of – fitter? cooler weather? better hydrated?

Another fact is that yesterday’s London Triathlon 10km run (which I didn’t really put the hammer down for – avg HR of 171 and max of 191) was only 18 seconds slower than my fastest official 10km run time (Bupa Great Capital run 2007). Maybe I need to run a 10km race on a flat course and without too many competitors getting in the way…

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