By this time tomorrow I should be finished my first London Triathlon race. I’ve been watching the weather forecast over the past few days and have been seeing rain predicted for Sunday. This morning shows a different picture for tomorrow – “Sunny Intervals”. Let’s hope the rain stays away tomorrow as the London roads are bumpy and tricky enough without the added difficulty of wet, slippery surfaces!

The down side at the moment is that my knees have been making themselves felt again. Over the last week or so I’ve noticed some of the old aches and pains resurfacing. As such, tomorrow the plan is to take the run easy – so long as I don’t take longer than 3 hours! So I guess I can really attack the bike course which is flat and relatively fast, assuming the roads are dry. I do not mind having a poor run split for this race as it’s a “B” race for this season – it got demoted when I entered the Monaco 70.3 🙂

Better sign off and get my bag packed for tomorrow and give the bike a once over and check those pesky gears are cooperating.


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