I’ve recently been comparing a HTC Sensation with a BlackBerry 9780. There are plenty of reviews and comparisons on the web about the merits of various devices. I am going to list the pros and cons I have noticed of the above two devices:

BlackBerry 9780


  • More business oriented with associated security policies and features
  • Tight MS Exchange and Lotus Domino integration
  • Actual keyboard makes typing easier


  • Small screen and keyboard
  • Relies on centralised server model – BlackBerry and carrier infrastrcture

HTC Sensation


  • Larger screen and touch sensitive makes application usage easier
  • Larger application market place and hence more functionality on the go
  • Inbuilt IMAP / POP client


  • Large screen makes single-handed handling difficult
  • Touch screen results in error touches esp with using the camera
  • Poor battery life
  • No alarm functionality to wake phone when turned off (I’d like to be able to turn off to save battery overnight)
  • No “always on” or “auto-reconnect” VPN option. You need to re-authenticate to VPN server frequently
  • No task list / notes synchronisation with MS Exchange
  • Inbuilt IMAP client does not support the INBOX prefix option (work around possible)
  • Large market place results in many gimmicky apps
  • No sync of Exchange tasks or Exchange notes
  • Not possible to create repeating appointments with an end date


Overall I like the HTC. That said, it’s clearly not designed as a “phone and mobile Outlook” device with apps as second priority like the BlackBerry. The HTC (and most Android devices to be fair) are clearly about applications and “the cloud”*. The HTC Sensation is a little big for sticking in a pocket and the battery life is worrying – having to charge it every day with not much usage is a tough sell.

So for the moment I am sticking with the 9780 as my “main device” for phone etc but I am still evaluating the HTC 🙂


* I hate the term “The Cloud” – it’s just a new word for the Internet really….


2 thoughts on “HTC Sensation vs BlackBerry 9780

  1. Do you consider the current performance of the businesses behind each platform as well? RIM seems to be suffering quite badly in the market share compared to Android’s meteoric rise atm.

    Battery life was a huge shock to me with my Samsung Galaxy – I think in part it’s Orange’s fault (as I know people with the same phone on different networks who get *much* better battery life), but – I’ve had to disable data completely on it in order to get a useful life out of the phone. Turning it on only when I need to use the data. If I can’t rely on a fully charged phone to get me to the office and back again (say 8 hours) it’s not good enough… Now while I carry both around, I find myself using the BB much more to ‘just check twitter’ etc.

    • You are correct, RIM do appear to be suffering. For this comparison I was only looking at things I notice on a regular basis and did not factor in “outside politics” 🙂

      You carry both devices too? hehe! I do sometimes when I think I might need the browser or apps of the HTC. The BB is quick and dirty for some tasks (check train times, tube status, FB or twitter) but when needing a bigger screen or needing a better browsing experience the HTC wins.


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