Well I thought I would comment on the oddness of the sizing of tri kit. A number of weeks ago I went shopping for a new set of race kit. I prefer tri tops and tri shorts to a trisuit.

In the end I tried on both Orca and 2XU gear. It turns out that for the Orca 226 range I need a LARGE tri tank and a MEDIUM tri pant. However for 2XU Endurance kit I need a MEDIUM 3 pocket tri top and a LARGE tri short.

It is no wonder that I cannot get a trisuit to fit me properly. What is also confusing is that I have an Orca tri top from another range which is a MEDIUM.

I have decided that unless I have previous experience of a particular make and model of kit I will hence forth be buying my kit from a real shop that allows you to try it on. I have gotten incredibly frustrated with getting various sizes of kit sent to me from online retailers only to have to return them.

Where possible I intend to visit Bike and Run, which is based in East Finchley, London, for my tri kit needs. They were most helpful and patient during my fitting session. They have a decent selection of gear in stock – wetsuits, tri kit, cycling kit, bikes and various gadgets, gizmos and tools.

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