Well it’s been a while since I posted on the blog so thought it would be a good time to post an update.

My training has begun again and is going along well. My swimming form is still not up to scratch and needs work. My bike form seems OK, based on efforts on the rollers. The weather is just not conducive to outside rides – so much so that last weekend I did a two hour stint on the rollers. Ouch! My run form seems as good as can be expected too.

So in summary, I’m reasonable happy with my fitness at the moment and am working on base training. My training for the next few weeks will be reasonably low intensity to get more base training completed.

For the coming season I have decided to use a combination of WKO+ and Training Peaks to track my training and races. I am keen to utilise WKO+’s TSS/IF scores in my training plan. This will be easy for cycling which is based around power meter readings. Running TSS (rTSS) is based around threshold pace, which in my mind might not be terribly accurate, but is better than nothing. WKO+ doesn’t calculate a TSS for swim sessions, but I found a formula to use to calculate a swimTSS value. Hopefully these three sets of TSS scores will be useful in managing training loads and fitness levels.  Of course, it could all end up being just a lot of extra work.

WKO+ will also keep track of my cycling critical power (CP) / functional threshold power (FTP). This will be interesting and will hopefully creep up over the next couple of months.

So all that remains now is to keep to my coach’s plan and not skip any sessions.

Happy Christmas to all my readers (just in case I don’t post before then!).

I decided to put new tyres on my bike the other day. I chose a pair of Continental GP4000s tyres, but I digress! When I was putting on the second one I snapped a tyre lever – yes I know you should not use tyre levers for this, but I just couldn’t get the last bit of tyre over the rim.

Anyway, while looking at Wiggle I can across a tool titled : Crank Brothers Speed Lever. The manufacturer’s site is here. This tool makes removing or putting on a tyre dead easy. I am very tempted to take one with me on race days as I am sure the time lost due to the small amount of extra weight will be more than made up by the savings should I have to do a tyre change.

A wicked tool that makes changing tyres very easy!

Well since being back my training hasn’t been nearly as plentiful as I’d have hoped.  The long and the short of it is that there isn’t enough time in the day.  Last week was a nightmare due to issues at work which ate into my training time, kept me up late so was too tired to train or just made me feel like not training.

 I have managed to get some swimming and cycling on the rollers in over the last couple of weeks which keeps things ticking over nicely.

I am trying out forefoot running after my running “layoff” and so far its not looking too bad.  I have just done a run with a new pair of Newtons and I have to admit that I’m not 100% convinced I can feel the spring and bounce that the brochures claim. That said, they are comfortable and the fit is good – I chose 1 size up (for US rather than UK size) from my usual Brooks. They do help you run on the forefoot and you tend to notice when the odd heel-strike happens.  I think I need a few more runs to decide if they live up to their claims. That said, the bright orange does stand out and takes some getting used to.  All in all, nothing to complain about relating to the Newton’s yet… maybe they are my running saviours!

Well, was the trip worth it?  Most definitely YES! Would I do it again? YES again!  The cycling conditions are superb, good hilly sections, immaculate roads with very little traffic.  The traffic that is there is courteous and patient with the cyclists. It makes cycling a pleasure.  And whats more, NO PUNCTURES!! Woo hoo!!

Met some great people too!  Apart from the “coaches” met some great people… and boy can the cycle and swim!  Something to aim for I guess! Although Xavi and his Zipps on some of the rugged roads couldn’t have been too comfortable.

Banyoles is a town near Girona and that’s were we were based. A great lake for swimming in or running around.  Nice scenery too!

All in all a great time.  Try them out – Girona Cycling…